About this blog

This blog is for my personal views, reflections and thoughts connected to learning and education, with occasional diversions into related topics that interest me. I find blogging an invaluable tool for reflection and discussion and recommend it particularly to anyone involved in education – reasons are discussed in Steve Wheeler’s excellent blog post, “Seven reasons all teachers should blog“.

I started blogging as part of an MA in Online and Distance Education and many of my posts were related to that course. I completed the course at the beginning of March 2014 and decided to keep my blog going for reflections and views on learning and education. It forms part of my ongoing professional and personal development and may be of interest to some others too. Although my blog is influenced by the work I do at University Centre Shrewsbury, it is not endorsed by them and all views are my own. I hope you find my posts interesting and provocative, even if you don’t agree with them. If you do disagree or have views, please feel free to comment and start a discussion.

The blog is entitled “Learning Shrew” for a number of reasons – “learning”, because it is all about learning, which is something incredibly important to me. I literally never intend to stop learning until the day I die. “Shrew” is in homage to the beautiful town of Shrewsbury, my adopted home.

The content in this blog is licensed under an Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-ShareAlike license. This allows for material to be freely used and altered, including for commercial use, provided it is properly attributed, but if it is altered, it must be distributed under the same terms as this material. I explain why I went for this option in a blog post.

by-sa CC license


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  1. Welcome to the world of personal blogging 🙂

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