2 responses to “The rights and wrongs of feedback

  1. Anne Bradbury

    I think these are really good examples, Daniel.

    Yes, I’m sure that giving (and taking) feedback is a sophisticated skill requiring a lot of maturity on both sides. The context is obviously very important too – in the case of reality shows (and maybe John Barrowman who is known for outrageous behaviour (and comments?), the fact that the shows are for ‘entertainment’ is also valid – so, shocking or outright rude comments just add to the mix! Whether you have to just ‘toughen up’ if you want to work in the world of showbiz (or the Army!) I don’t know! Perhaps we all have to learn how to deal with apparently negative comment and sift it through for any value or just discard it, if we feel that is appropriate….(not always easy).

    Yes 360 degree feedback can be very interesting – again, if the environment is more constructive (with the odd ‘black sheep’ that people know about and can cope with!).

    The ‘praise sandwich’ I assume is say the good, put ‘room for improvement ‘ in the middle and another slice of good to finish off with? I think that probably works, don’t you?


    • Thanks Anne. I am sure you are right and a thick skin is necessary to work in showbiz. Your comments remind me of a colleague who used to be a professional actress. She once told me that one of the greatest things she learned from the experience was how to deal with rejection – actors get lots of practice at this, but it is a very useful skill in many lines of work. I suspect that as we move towards a world where more of us are freelancing or working on contracts or projects, the ability to be rejected, learn the lessons and then pick yourself up and move on will just become more and more important.

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