An experiment in podcasting (H808: A4.1)

We are currently looking at the use of multimedia in our course, so I have created a podcast with the same content as my blog post Reflection on Reflection, which apparently is my most visited to date. I am interested in the implications of delivering the same content via a different medium. If anyone has the patience to listen to this, all views will be welcome!

It needs an upgraded WordPress account to store audio, so I have hosted the podcast with Podbean and you can find it here, or the full link is


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One response to “An experiment in podcasting (H808: A4.1)

  1. Amanda Williams

    Hi Daniel, I’ve just listened to your podcast. Here are a some (random) reflections. The length of a blog read out as a podcast seems to be about the same (and have the same tone) as thought for the day on Radio 4. Please take that as a complement – I am a big fan of thought for the day. I know that you are an old hand at recording things (I am one of Daniel’s work colleagues) but even so the presentation got nicer to listen to as you relaxed into it – this is a bit of preoccupation of mine as I know personally my voice goes all over the place as I start and stop recordings – its easier to be objective about this when you hear someone else’s voice. Finally I love the choice of different formats – on one of the OU modules I did (D822) recorded interviews also included a transcript. The transcript was good for close reading. On my current modules I’m finding I really miss having recordings – on a practical level I’d like to sit and knit as I listen to the material and then go back for a close reading later. Being back in the non-e world of textbooks is proving a shock to the system!

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